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The definition of a lifetime member, as our current by-laws state, is as follows: A person who has been a continuous member for over 15 years and has distinguished themselves in furthering the cause of the “club” may be awarded a lifetime membership upon submission of a nomination and review by the Board of Directors with a subsequent vote by a plurality of members at a regular meeting.

Lifetime Members Approved January 14, 2004:

Robert Robbins -- one of the founders of Sno-Bees, trail worker

Lifetime Members Approved February 12, 2003:

Russell Ross - trail worker, projects and continental Chapparel rider

Scott Lange -- past president, trail worker

Harold Thygesen (deceased)


Lifetime Members Approved April 10, 2000:

Charlie Livendale - past president, trail worker, raffle leader, ardent rider

Ernie Bancroft, Sr. - trail worker, projects, ins. advisor and rider for 30 yrs.

Marcell Smith - trail worker for years and enthusiastic rider

Robert and Ernie Boutin - enthusiastic members as well as officers in every way

Richard Carpenter - club treasurer for years and trail worker

Henry Chase - a Sno-Bee forever and still a rider in his eighties

Jake Colgan - an early member and organizer/worker of our TR races

Douglas Manning - past president, trail worker, county TC, family rider

Ron Murdock - trail worker, projects and one of few remaining MotoSki riders

Russell Ross - trail worker, projects and continental Chapparel rider

Carl Robinson - treasurer for years, trail worker, projects


Lifetime Members as of April 10, 2000 are:

Raymond Lafayette - trail and projects worker, grooming from the inception of club (deceased)

Cliff Jarvis- always at meetings and trail projects

Homer Fitts - a spirited project member and fundraiser

John Ford - a hard working trail and project manager

Jules Chatot - one of the older guys who kept chugging along

Eucy Messier - past president and a dedicated worker always there (deceased)

Ronnie Messier - membership chair for years and a dedicated worker bee

John Black - past president and trail worker since 1970 (deceased)

Wayne Pelkey - past president, trail worker and grooming since 1969


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