VT Traditions Coalition 2020 Legislative Review

Hello All,

Hunting season is a welcome respite for many of us, and has been perhaps more so this year. Like everything else in 2020 the legislative session was reformatted to fit the conditions, and we found ourselves embroiled even beyond the historically late close of the legislature proper in September, even testifying on rule changes into October. With the cap finally placed on legislative work in time to sneak in a bit of hunting, it was also time to start writing up the 2020 report. It is always a significant undertaking and this year was no exception, but rather than fill a bunch of space here I’ll get directly to the point and present to you the 2020  Vermont Traditions Coalition Legislative Scorecard. You can access the scorecard and read about the session as a wind up to the 2021 legislative session starting in  about one month. 

The Scorecard can be read at: https://sway.office.com/DYw0eynr49Cif2Nd

I hope you find it to be of value.
My Best Regards,
Mike Covey
Executive Director
Vermont Traditions Coalition

President’s Message

Welcome to the Sno-Bees, a snowmobile club located in central Vermont since 1967, who have been pioneers in trail building, signing, and grooming plus many other fun activities for the benefit of its members.

Our club maintains 52 miles of trails that are some of the most scenic with variations of terrain from valley to hills to mountainous grades. In central Vermont, it is the hub of trails that go north, south, east and west allowing a daily ride of an easy 100 plus miles in each direction and return to your lodging.

By becoming a member of our club, you will provide assistance to state, county and local programs and it will entitle you to receive the Vermont Association of Snow Travelers (VAST) newspaper by mail.  This publication contains lots of good information and will keep you informed of the issues facing our sport.  We also publish a club Newsletter every month during the season between September and March you can read the latest copy by going to the Home page and pushing the button for Buzz Newsletters.  Club meetings are held once a month on the 2nd Wednesday and are always open to all members.  So come join us in making the Sno-Bees a leader in club participation and organization.

You can also visit us on Facebook look for the link on the Home page. 

If you want snowmobile fun, camaraderie and scenic trails, then come along with the Sno-Bees.