Lifetime Members

Date: 1/13/2021

Name/Date of Nomination/ (*) Deceased

  1. Raymond Lafayette/April 10, 2000 (*)
    • Trail and projects worker, grooming from the inception of the club.
  2. Cliff Jarvis/April 10, 2000 (*1913-2007)
    • Always at meetings and trail projects. One of the ‘3 Musketeers’ with Harold Thygesen and Russell Ross.
  3. Homer Fitts /April 10, 2000 (*1926-2021)
    • A spirited project member and fundraiser
  4. John Ford /April 10, 2000 (*1924-2005)
    • A hard-working trail and project manager
  5. Jules Chatot /April 10, 2000 (*1912-2003)
    • One of the older guys who kept chugging along
  6. Eucy Messier /April 10, 2000 (*)
    • Past President and a dedicated worker; always there
  7. Ronnie Messier /April 10, 2000
    • Membership Chair for years and dedicated worker bee
  8. John Black /April 10, 2000 (*1934-2008)
    • Past President and trail worker since 1970
  9. Wayne Pelkey /April 10, 2000
  10. Charlie Livendale /April 10, 2000
    • Past President, trail worker, raffle leader, ardent rider
  11. Ernie Bancroft Sr. /April 10, 2000 (*1928-2017)
    • Trail worker, project, insurance advisor, and rider for 30 years. Charter member of the Sno-Bees
  12. Marcell Smith /April 10, 2000 (*1924-2017)
    • Trail worker for years and enthusiastic rider. Rode for 50 years up until 90 years of age
  13. Robert (*1936-2020) and Erdie Boutin (*1935- 2009)/April 10, 2000 (*)
    • Enthusiastic members as well as Officers in every way
  14. Richard Carpenter /April 10, 2000
    • Club Treasurer for years and trail worker
  15. Henry Chase /April 10, 2000 (*1916-2011)
    • A Sno-Bee forever and still a rider in his eighties
  16. Ernest ‘Jake’ Colgan /April 10, 2000 (*1927-2017)
    • An early member and organizer/worker for our races at Thunder Road
  17. Douglas Manning /April 10, 2000 (*1930-2014)
    • Past President, trail worker, County Trails Coordinator, family rider
  18. Ron Murdock /April 10, 2000 (*1932-2019)
    • Trail worker, projects, and one of the few remaining Moto Ski riders
  19. Russell Ross /December 13, 2002 (*1928-2009)
    • Trail worker, projects, and Continental Chaparral rider. Member for 30+ years starting in 1972. One of the ‘3 Musketeers’ with Harold Thygesen and Cliff Jarvis
  20. Carl Robinson /April 10, 2000
    • Served as club President and Treasurer. Served many years as a trail trustee; and always there to help with projects.
  21. Scott Lange /December 13, 2002
    • Past President and Secretary. Member since 1985
  22. Paul Hennessey / December 9, 2020
    • Past Treasurer, trail trustee, and member for over 40 years. in 2010, Paul helped develop the junction signing system which VAST adopted as a new standard.
  23. John Plante / December 9, 2020
    • Past President and member since the 90’s. Current Director, trail trustee, and chair of multiple fundraising committees.
  24. Greg Rouleau / December 9, 2020
    • Held multiple positions over the years including President, VP, County Rep, and trail trustee, VAST Director, and Washington County Director.  A Sno-Bee since 1981. Recipient of the 2020 VAST Horizon Award.
  25. Jim Morrill / February 24, 2021
    • First joined the Sno‐Bees in 1975. Prior to that he was a member of the Timberwolf Snowmobile Club along with his Dad, Tom. Held every position in the club except Treasurer and Membership Chair.
  26. Mike Perrigo / February 24, 2021
    • A Sno-Bee since 1997. Served as President and Treasurer as well as trail trustee. Over the years, Mike worked on nearly every bridge on the Sno-Bees 52 miles of trails.
  27. Robert Campo / April 13, 2022
    • A Sno-Bee since the 1970’s. Bob served as Director since the 90’s ; lead multiple fundraisers and events for the club including the Sno-Bees Annual Dinner Raffle and Ride-in for Veterans. Bob also served as Chairman on the Dean administration’s – Governor’s Council on Snowmobiling.
  28. Lionel Cyr / April 13, 2022
    • Lionel became an active volunteer with the Sno-Bees during the late eighties and was a member of the trail’s committee who worked closely alongside Trail Master / Trails Coordinator Ron Plante from 1993 to 2005.
  29. Ron Plante / April 13, 2022
    • Ron was first active with The Club in the 1970’s with his Dad and Brothers as a loyal snowmobile family to the Sno-Bees of Barre. Over the years Ron served in many capacities but his passion was always building better snowmobile trails for everyone to enjoy.
  30. Tim Stone / September 14, 2023
    • Trailmaster, Trail trustee, Director for many years. Worked on multiple trail and bridge projects over the years. Got started as a youngster in the 70’s riding shotgun in one of the original groomers with Ray Routhier.
  31. Frank Bolles / April 10, 2024
    • A Sno-Bee as long as there have been Sno-Bees. Frank volunteered when the club was formed in the late 1960’s , helping build trails, and groom back when there were no trails, and groomers consisted of a homemade drag pulled behind a snowmobile. Frank recalls the days when multiple versions of these homemade drags would be left around the trail network, and riders would take turns grooming their section of trail. Eventually the club acquired a groomer (the first of many Queen Bee’s) , which Frank helped operate for years. Frank was an unsung hero who selflessly donated his time to help make Sno-Bees the club that it is today.