Volunteer Spotlight: Charlie Livendale

1969 – Strong Block Tower, Orange, VT
2014 – Sno-Bees Signboard, Barre, VT

Day Job: Charlie is a retired financial services representative.  He began his working career selling life insurance, and then moved on, becoming a financial services representative with LPL Financial for the next 25 years, completing a 38-year career. 

Date joined the club:  Charlie joined the Sno-Bees back in 1972; 51 years ago!  His first snowmobile, a 1966 Skiroule, was purchased in 1967.  Charlie lived in Morrisville when he joined the Sno-Bees and got more involved in 1975 when he moved to Barre.  As they say…the rest is history! 

Charlie’s History Lesson #1:  Before 1972, joining a club wasn’t required but you did have to get written permission to ride on private property.  Once VAST became involved, they put into place a landowner policy and worked with landowners for their permission.

Volunteer positions:

During the early years as a new volunteer, Charlie mostly worked out on the trials with work groups.  Eucy Messier and Wayne Pelkey were his mentors.  Around 1985, Charlie became the Vice President of the club and took over the position of President after Wayne Pelkey took on a role with VAST.  He was our club President for 4 years.  He also sat in for the Secretary at times. 

Over all, Charlie has always been involved in trail work.  After the unexpected passing of Eucky Messier many years ago, Charlie took over Eucky’s trail as a Trustee and still maintains that same section of trail today. 

One of Charlie’s best outcomes of serving the Sno-Bees over the years was his first-class friendship with John Black, who was one of the original members of the club.  John has passed away but Charlie still holds his friendship close. 

Charlie’s History Lesson #2 – In the early days, there was no money.  No raffles, no signboard, no dinners.  They could write down the financials on a slip of paper.  Bob Boutin started the monthly raffle with 300 tickets, and his family sold them all.  The following year, Charlie took over the raffle and continued leading the charge for 30+ years!  Thank you, Charlie for keeping our raffle alive!

Charlie’s History Lesson #3 – The club purchased a $10,000 groomer.  That year there was no snow and no money.  Ernie Bancroft asked every member to purchase a $100 bond and each month they would draw names.  This brought in enough cash to pay for the groomer!   Looks like snow challenged winters were a thing back in those days too.

Most enjoyable activity for the club:  Over the years, Charlie enjoyed the end of season Landowner’s Dinners at the Canadian Club.  Back then there were about 50 landowners.  Today there are 160! 

Charlie still enjoys working on our trail system after all these years.

We are always thankful for the generosity of our landowners. 

Most memorable experience:  Riding with his wife Linda and their two children, Bonnie and Joe, when they were younger. Linda liked to ski as well, so she alternated between spending her time on the slopes and on the trails.  When their son Joe was about 1 ½ years old he was standing in the window watching Charlie ride around the yard and said “Vroom-Vroom”.  Charlie took him out and that was it…Joe was hooked!  300-mile weekend rides in Canada wasn’t uncommon for Charlie and, then, 11-year-old Joe.  Their daughter Bonnie was an avid rider as well.  As Charlie says…she could keep up with the boys, no problem. 

Proudest Moment as a volunteer:  Water Ride.  We’ve heard about this event before!  Charlie was the Co-Chairman for the last year.  He said there was rain in the forecast, but they took a chance and held it anyways.  The sun came out and it was a fabulous day.  They always had a big turnout for this event.  Great event. So much fun!

Fun Facts about Charlie: 

– 34 Trips to Quebec. 141 riding days.

– Rode approximately 100,000+ miles since 1967. He started tracking in a journal in 1987 and has 88K miles logged. Estimates the previous 20 years about 15K miles.

Thank you, Charlie for all of your time and dedication to the Sno-Bees Club. Charlie’s wife, Linda, deserves a kudos here too, as she supported all the time and effort Charlie put into the Sno-Bees Club.  Thank you, Linda!

PHOTOS BELOW – Charlie was kind enough to provide some old photos from the late 60’s/early 70’s to today.  Enjoy!

Submitted By:  Francine Perkins, Membership Chair